katieI am an Assistant Professor in the College of Education at University of Washington, Seattle.  My research is focused on students with mathematics learning disabilities (dyscalculia).  My interest in learning disabilities grew out of my own experience being diagnosed with a reading learning disability (dyslexia). I experienced first-hand the struggles students with learning disabilities face and these experiences have fundamentally shaped my own conceptualization of learning disabilities and how I approach my research.  I understand learning disabilities not as irreconcilable cognitive deficits, but as cognitive differences, which result in atypical difficulties using standard mathematical representations.  In my work I identify the unique difficulties experienced by students with math learning disabilities by working with students in one-on-one tutoring settings.  Through detailed analyses of video recordings, I identify how students with math learning disabilities use and understand standard mathematical representations (e.g., numbers, drawings, graphs) in unconventional ways. These mathematical representations may be less accessible because of differences in how students with math learning disabilities process numerical information. In my work I both document the ways in which students with mathematics learning disabilities have compensated and succeeded in mathematics and also how we might design alternative instructional tools that account for the students’ understandings and make mathematics more accessible.

This site provides an overview of my research and teaching (Click here for my CV).
Recap_v1 Research recaps provide visual overviews of my research.